Don’t Underestimate the Value of Rest

Jesus Musings

I’ve been working my way through a half marathon training plan for a race in May. The plan has me running a few days a week with a longer run on the weekends. Once or twice a week, it calls for me to rest. No running. No walking. Just rest.

Rest days are weird days. I feel like I need to be active in some way, shape, or form. The benefits of rest, however, are enormous. If I take a day off, I’m stronger the next time I run. If I take two days off, I feel like a superhero.

Much like rest in a marathon training plan, resting from the work of ministry can produce massive results. We burn out quickly if we push too hard. Once we start catching our stride — feeling youthful and strong — the temptation to push harder and gain ground is always enticing…

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