Surprise Nutella Muffins

Smitha's Bake Love

Star Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Nutella.

Surprise Nutella Muffins

Did you know that each Nutella jar has 52 hazelnuts? Apart from the fat and yummy content its normally famous for, I do love the fact that it has some nuts which we don’t normally eat.

Surprise Nutella Muffins

My kids love Nutella as much as next one. But to make them eat any, good for you spices- especially cinnamon and nutmeg is whole different thing.

Surprise Nutella Muffins

We moms, are notorious for sneaking in healthy stuff inside regular food. I do it in Cookies, Smoothies, Pancakes, Waffles, Pasta and also Muffins. There is not even a taste difference with most of them.

But here, I am slightly taking a reverse approach – eat spice infused muffin to get to the surprise ooey-gooey Nutella. Works like a charm.

Surprise Nutella Muffins

Ok, these are regular vanilla muffins with a twist of whole…

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