Birth of an immortal

Emeralogy, Study of the Divine in the Chronicles of Eric the Emerald King, Servant to Jesus and Mary.

Redhead on a red horse. Mysterious is the plan of God.

The Chronicles of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXII:
As you realize, the God who speaks through a Prophet a prophecy but is unable to fulfill it, that God is not God but Satan. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen. Holy Spirit, I ask You to speak unto me. Concerning the God Who said I was to be made an immortal tonight, was that God truly God, or was he Satan? And let the Holy Spirit alone speak. Let no devil speak in his place. Lord, speak, for Your servant is listening.

I, God the Holy Spirit, shall now speak. Eric, you are immortal, as We speak. No longer is it possible for you to sin or commit any demerit. For only meritorious acts can you now do, just as Jesus, throughout His entire life, was unable to demerit, but was…

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