13 Reasons Why You Should Go Out

On a mission

Tom always felt comfortable inside his home and why not his house was very welcoming and every piece of entertainment in just his finger tips. If someone call him he would talk hours together over the phone but it would be different if somebody knock on his front door. Of course Tom would open but pretend he is real busy and can’t spend more than 13 minutes.

What do you think Tom could only spare only ____ minutes?

Well before I have your answers in the comment section let’s talk about the headings. Here is 13 reasons why we should all go out.

  1. To appreciate GOD’s creation.
  2. Breathe air.
  3. Nature calms
  4. It eliminates any kind of problem.
  5. It’s for all
  6. You feel better.
  7. You may see some of your old friend.
  8. A new thoughts or idea may come.
  9. Push enough to go out. Weather permitting
  10. See what nature is trying…

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