Sun light and life on the earth

The Gondwanaland

Sunlight is the energy which starts life on the earth. We humans, animals, birds, plant and trees…wake up when sun shines in the sky in east.

Life on the earth

Our earth is an interesting planet just like a shoping mall. However, it is different from shoping mall in the way it never take you charge of its services. We breath fresh air, cultivate crops on the land, setup industries and establish educational institutions.

We get air, water and food,

we never spent a single penny.

I drink hot tea, sitting on the wood,

and I love honey.

The bird flies…

Civilization first takes place near the water and rivers. It is an interesting journey from being monkey to becoming a human being.

A child imagine a beautiful picture of sun rising behind the huge blue mountains, the birds are flying in the sky in a beautiful pattern, stars

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