Be the light

The Gondwanaland

It feels like,
I’m closed inside a room.
Every door, every window is closed,
No idea, how to come out.

Often, it happens to me,
When I feel,
My heartbeat rate is decreasing,
My nose is blocked.

I’m losing hope.
I want to live,
I want to laugh,
I want to breathe the fresh air
in the open space.

Busy city life,
Increased fear inside me.
I find myself alone,
Even if I cry,
No one will hear me,
Allow me, to share my thoughts.

It is just that I never give up,
It is just that I love my work.
It is just that I have more reasons to laugh, to smile,
I feel a stronger version of myself.

When I try to clear out my thoughts,
Calming my heart and body.
Eager to know the voice of love,
The fear disappears,
My eyes are no more blurry.


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