Addiction, an uncomprehending, torturous road to hell

Void and empty, a vacuum of a shell

No where to hide yet a story to tell

Psychological delirium

A mind bending black hole of serum

Oscillations betwixt cold and sickly pale

Into a sweaty hot claustrophobic stale

Murdering interests and drives

Speckling the soul in shuddering hives

Poison tainted veins

I’ll be your master, you’ll be my slave

I’ll follow you into the depths of the well of a grave

I’ll even tear your relationships and families apart

Don’t worry that’s just the start

Sticky quicksand until we part

Turning into a stranger to yourself, how did it get to be this way?

To live or die, this is the mental sway

To face the withdrawals and live another day

Take your pills and shut up

Take my hand, I’ll lead you to spheres of Dante’s hell.

~DiosRaw 11/04/21

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