Making pizzeria pizza in a different way!


Welcome to little chefs apron! Today we’ll make something that I am sure everyone can eat anytime….. but the twist is that we won’t be making it by hand. Of course if you don’t have what I am using, you can always do it the normal way!

My mom thought that outside bread is filled with preservatives and we can always taste how chemically it is made. So we decided to get a bread maker and make bread at home. All we have to do is add the ingredients and the bread is ready in a few hours. But the interesting part is that the GLENN bread maker has a lot of other features. It can knead the dough and it will rise properly, you can make jams, and many more things! So let’s get started!

Serving: makes 4 good size pizzas

Kneading time: 10 minutes

Rising time: whatever is…

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