The smile on children’s face

The Gondwanaland

Happiness is a nice feeling,

It is the celebration of life.

The poetry of a poet is healing,

Gives us a new meaning in life.

Sun’s smile is our imagination,

The dance of wind is an illusion.

Can you guess —

Is there an original and pure smile?

It’s the smile on children’s face.

So innocent, so lovely, so cute.

Such a smile is so huge that

I can see the whole world in it.

So, what is the learning here?

Smile to show your real happiness,

Smile in such a way that

People start smiling at you.

Whenever you search for hope,

Wanted to get the reason to be happy.

Just watch the smile on children’s face.

And you’ll see your world in it.

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©2021, the Gondwanaland. All Rights Reserved.

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