i shan’t name this.


When will I ever learn not to put photos of my paintings on my blog? They always end up being blurred and shitty-looking.

Anyways, I ended up doing this lil’ painting yesterday, and I must say that I have seen way too many people doing the same one. But whatever, because I was gonna do a different thing which ended up failing so badly that I covered it up and decided that my mediocre talents were best when put under the common grind.

It was fun. Making the gradient was a bit frustrating at first, but I got it eventually (though it is not as smooth as I would have liked it to be) and the colors are calming. Hecc, I can even imagine a small birb sitting on one of the malnourished branches.

When I was younger, I used to be fascinated by ants, scurrying around like mobile sesame…

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