Goddess of the Week: A guide and contents

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This article draws a close to my series of articles looking at different deities in paintings. Here I provide a succinct summary and links to individual articles in the series. Goddesses are listed by their name in alphabetical order, including their best-known synonyms in classical Greek and Roman pantheons. I hope you find this a useful identification guide. A matching guide to gods is here.

Aphrodite – see Venus

Artemis (the Huntress) – see Diana

Athena – see Minerva

Aurora (the dawn), Greek Eos. Rises each morning at the edge of the sea to the east, with her rosy fingers, throws open the gates of heaven so enabling the sun to rise. Elaborate myth of her relationship with Cephalus, whom she abducted.
Eos (Aurora), the dawn

Bellona (war), Greek Enyo. Roman goddess of war, concerned with sacking and destruction of cities like Troy. Attributes a warrior’s helmet and a…

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