Anger, the boss of negative emotions.

Ruminative Philomath

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

We are all dealing with the same thing – our emotions. Is there a situation in our life when our emotions are sitting on the back seat just watching everything unfold?

No! They sit at the driver’s seat, recklessly using the accelerator and brakes, making our lives miserable. There is no balance between “how we accelerate” i.e. how strong our emotions become and “how we use a break” i.e how easily we can stop those emotions from speeding up (getting strong).

We all know that our actions are determined by how we are feeling. When everything is going right in our life, we feel so optimistic and our traits are that of a joyful person, communicating cheerfully with others, sharing and spreading happiness around us. We go around helping others, complimenting people because we feel so positive and all we see around is beauty…

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