“Sometimes We Forget How Powerful We Are” | Prompt #2

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“Do you believe in magic?”

“Umm.. Maybe. Why do you ask?”

“I seek magic in your eyes, the spark that tells me there’s a lot to be discovered.” Stated my own self while looking into the mirror.

“I seek for it in the outer world, and in many places but all I find is nothing. I get tired and then I find the evidence of it in my own self. As always”

Magic. How a little word is full of surprises, excitement, joyous in its own.

It’s a pseudoscience. Transformational. Magic in its own is creating art and then it again turns magic.

In today’s prompt of, Sometimes we forget how powerful we are, I have written a piece of poem that makes me remember a lot of incidences in my life. Where I’ve been broken from within, my soul used to sob, and scream until it reaches the universe…

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