8 Steps to Apologise Effectively at Work


So, you made a mistake at work? Maybe fail to comply with a deadline or miscommunication with a co-worker. It’s common. Messing up at the workplace has endless ways. Luckily, to make things right after committing a mistake are as many.

Apologising after committing a mistake requires essential expertise, but what is the right way to apologies to your boss or co-workers?

Saying ”I’m sorry” isn’t enough. An effectual apology is one where a person accepts the circumstances and eventually works towards making things better. We all don’t possess this skill, it has to be learned through experience. Taking some time out of your busy schedule and learning the fundamentals of apologising can help smooth up the process.

Saying sorry in the workplace can be sensitive. But, it also depends on the gravity of your mistake (particularly if it involves legal or a public backlash), finding the resolve to apologise…

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