Cinematic Nostalgia

Hercules (1997)

Directed by Jon Musker and Ron Clements


Seeking revenge against his brother Zeus for being forced to live in the Underworld, the Greek god Hades learns from the Fates that in 18 years there will be a planetary alignment which will allow him to overthrow Zeus and take over Olympus. However, the Fates warn him that if Zeus’s son Hercules, currently an infant, were to fight in the battle, that his plan would fail.

To prevent this, Hades sends two of his minions to kidnap the baby, along with a potion that will turn him mortal. The kidnapping goes as planned, but the minions are defeated with the help of a human farmer before Hercules can drink all of the potion. As a result, he is mortal, but retains his god-like strength. Growing into an awkward teenager with a habit of accidentally destroying things, Hercules leaves home…

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