I Guess I Can Draw Birds!


Travel with me back in time… back to the 1980’s… back when I truly couldn’t draw a thing! I loved birds — I still do — and once upon a time I sat down with a copy of my Roger Torey Peterson field guide to our feathered friends and made an attempt to draw one. It didn’t look too difficult really. Easy, gentle outlines. Surely if I took my time and studied the illustration carefully I could draw something as simple as a bird, right?

Wrong.  My results were so laughable I threw the page away and lamented the sad truth. I was not an artist, and at the time, I never expected I would someday become one.

But, somehow, the miraculous happened. In 2015 I decided I would learn to draw, and I began patiently teaching myself the basics of lines and shapes and forms. I was surprised to…

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