Use the 7 R’s to Make a Rebuttal + Turn a Negative Conversation to a Positive One | Leverage Ambition

leverage ambition

We have all been there. Your co-worker is super negative and exists solely to turn your positive day into a negative one. We have to make it stop, but we are perplexed and have no iea where to start.

It is necessary to have a set of rebuttals and reversals in your pocket ahead of time so you can be prepared for the worse, and are ready to turn it around for the better.

You need a set of comebacks for your repertoire to not just survive but thrive.

Here are the 7 R’s to turn around a conversation from a negative one to a positive one before it’s too late.

Rephrase it – Instead of bringing up things that may not be 100% real or hurtful, make suggestions replacing the negative words into positive ones. If someone says you come on too strongly in a meeting, you can say…

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