The world loves to stereotype!!!!

Riya’s world

She is the “12 year old” type 😂

The world loves to Stereotype! Now…. what’s this type? Huh.. there’s some sarcasm that’s buried inside of me! I guess now is the time to shine!

Boy cut? She’s the “not Marriage” type.

Long braided hair? Heh she’s a “bhenji” type!

Career oriented? She’s the “divorce” type!

House wife? She’s the “mother” type.

Got her own credit card? She’s the “ spend thrift ” type .

Got her husband’s card ? Shes the “I am dependent type”.

Got out of the Party. She is the “bad influence” type.

Staying in the home? She is the “shy” type.

Living life on others rules? She’s the “I am suppressed” type.

Living life on her own rules? She’s the “I don’t care” type.

The truth is that, we all are our own types!

And that’s what makes us different!

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