In Which I Don’t See Armadillos and it Feels Like Summer

A Barefoot Gal

Hello from some Texas interstate!

Right now we’re on our southern road trip! We’ve been planning this for a few years and finally got around to it this past week.

So right now I’m in the top bunk of our RV with the window open, feeling like I’m on an old train. Well, I’m listening to switchfoot and needtobreathe (Bullets by NTB right now in case you’re interested) on bluetooth earbuds so that takes some of the old fashioned-ness out of it. But it’s pretty great nevertheless. I love RVs and even more I like 70° weather, especially when compared to the freezing temperatures and ice storms we came from.

I did something to my back while taking this picture and now it hurts which does, in fact, detract a bit from the glee of the previous paragraph. Ah, to be young again. (Just kidding, I’m seventeen.)

So yeah, it’s…

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