One Night

Fearless Free Soul

Ticking clocks, burning lights and the spinning fan all begin to fade. I lay awake, waiting for my eyes to drift and my mind to wander; but something holds me back. Thoughts are rumbling, the power in my vision is still so alive and the beat to my heart echoes in the room. My bed feels comforting but its gentle rock isn’t putting me to asleep, it’s giving me that moment in the movies, when the depth of this journey is all in one’s sight. She comes and he follows, he stays and she wanders; she whispers, he hollers. I hear them both, but I go blank and roll over, now isn’t the time for conversations with myself about you.

Then I realize, society’s time crutch isn’t the reality I’m “supposed” to live in. My reality is shaped by the feelings, intentions and beliefs I carry, not the numbers they…

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