Profit & Loss

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Q.1: Ram purchases a flower vase for Rs.340. He sells the same to his friend for Rs.300. How much profit/loss did he make on this deal ?

a) Rs.40 profit

b) Rs.40 loss

c) Rs.300 profit

Q.2: Mohan buys a house for Rs.9,80,000. He spends Rs.1,25,000 on interior designing. On what price should he sell this house in order to earn Rs.85,000 profit ?

a) 10,84,000

b) 11,90,000

c) 10,65,000

Q.3: A shopkeeper buys a dozen of bananas for Rs.48. He sells the bananas at the price of Rs.6 each. Find the profit/loss he makes on this whole deal.

a) Rs.2 profit

b) Rs.14 loss

c) Rs.24 profit

Q.4: Soha sells her books worth Rs.1,580 to her friend for Rs.1,268. Find the profit/loss she makes in this deal.

a) Rs.312 profit

b) Rs.258 loss

c) Rs.312 loss

Q.5: Meghna buys a mobile phone worth Rs.8,650. She purchases a sim card…

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