Adventures in Hydroponics: Growing Tomato Plants in an AeroGarden

The Plantiful Gardener

I had no idea what was in store for me when I planted tomato seeds in my AeroGarden a month ago. I ended up with way more seeds than I was expecting & I wasn’t quite sure if any of them would end up growing or not. The first sprout came up just in time, exactly one week after I planted them & the other sprouts soon followed their leader. All of the seeds sprouted, which gave me a tiny jungle of 18 sprouts in my small AeroGarden Harvest that is only meant to grow two tomato plants. Me, being me, I put off thinning the sprouts as much as I could since I have problems with removing plants that are thriving, but I finally bit the bullet once it got way too crowded in there. Follow along to see what I did.

hydroponic tomat plants
Yeah, it was a little crowded in…

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