Thoughts From The Wilderness – Watching Your Step Along Life’s Journey To Avoid Mistakes


They say that history repeats itself over and over again.

I suppose that’s true, although in all honesty I don’t really give it much thought until I’m into the middle of something and realize. “geez – why does heading down this particular path seem – oh so familiar?”

Wise scribes also say that we can learn from the mistake of others, instead of heading off and recreating those same mistakes all by ourselves. That at times appears to be a hard concept for many to get a handle on – including myself.

Nevertheless, as we scurry along through life, it does behoove us to at least have a semi-decent grasp on our surroundings. So, what if we don’t?

Well, if you flip life over into a hiking analogy, by not knowing or keeping an eye on your surroundings you may very well end up in a destination you never expected…

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