Thieves, Frauds, Plagiarists, And Publishing

R. J. Nello

I really do hate Twitter…

[From Twitter.]

…because that tweet directed me to this Medium post from a writer I did not know… and is therefore responsible for this post. Immediately, I felt sympathetic toward that author, Felicia C. Sullivan. She is beyond fed up and writes here on Medium:

After a lot of thought and quite a few emails, it feels as if Medium isn’t the best long-term home for my work. Every single essay and article I write is systematically stolen, republished, and monetized.

Her entire piece is scathing. She really lets loose – and is not wrong in doing so. She has a right not to have her writings stolen.

There was copyright here in England (as a major example) in the 1600s and 1700s, but the laws were not really enforced, and most writers earned livings doing something else or did not need to…

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