Love internship story of jazzelle part 11 ( is it a confession)

The flower

Somehow I managed to hold superior up here. I don’t have any other ideas. This is just it would be good if we have dinner as soon as possible. Now that I have become his secretary, I will spend much time with him. Even if it’s for work but I have to restrain myself.

It’s time to eat delicious food.

The waitress came , “ what would you like to eat?”

“ spaghetti bolognese.”

“ spaghetti bolognese.”

We both ordered the same. We both are looking at each other.

“ you both seem to be a real couple. Please wait for a bit. I’ll prepare your order.” The waitress smiled.

“ We.. aren’t…… .” I was going to clear it to her that we aren’t couple.

But before I complete superior said, “ please make it quick.”

I am shockingly looked at him.

The waitress left.

“ do you always…

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