Flaunting Your Flaws❤️

Seamless Echo

I like flaws, I think they make things….. INTERESTING

Sarah Dessen

It’s been a long time we didn’t post any article but here are we with one of the most important topics that we are sure most of us go through.

We all have heard that not all five fingers in our hand look similar neither do they perform similar function.. yet each one of it is unique! Why don’t we apply this in our real lives?
You, 1 person, cannot do everything… you have to accept who you are and wear it proudly!

If you start being perfect, or an overachiever even the word perfection may lose its charm. Flaws are not to be cried upon instead to be taken along through your journey because those flaws are what makes you different. It may be difficult to be a top dog, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have rights…

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