Mrinalini Raj

A blank stare at the screen ahead, a few words and a pause. Words and a pause. Typing and backspace. A festival the next day, a few hours of journey today, some nostalgia, some pre-planning of the days left in the month. And right now I get reminded of Pope’s poem I worked on a few days ago. His poem; Ode on Solitude. Is this solitude I am experiencing right now? Exactly what I say in the beginning of my video, Solitude is a pleasant form of being alone. That space which is your own choice.

I have always loved solitude, as much as I like being in the company of people I like and at times just people around me, their presence, activity. Everyone should, it probably brings a balance in you.

My next work on my youtube is in process. A friend sent some amazing shots from a…

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