My Hometown’s Chinese New Year Traditions

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dakota Wang

My name is Dakota Wang and I was born and raised in China. I witnessed the changes of the times from 1998 to 2021. When I was still a child, we didn’t have a a mobile and a computer, but we truly enjoyed our spring festival. We lighted the fireworks together, we sat together and enjoyed TV on the eve of the New Years. We would cook what we didn’t cook generally at that time.

However, currently many people complain that we can’t feel the spring festival atmosphere anymore since all of us are very busy. We are busy playing our mobile phones, we are busy going back to work and we are busy making money. Here, the only way we can feel the atmosphere is the loudness of fireworks.

At 00 am on the first day of January, we will light the fireworks to welcome…

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