5 Ways to Listen Better by Julian Treasure | Leverage Ambition

leverage ambition

Julian Treasure wants us to know the five ways to listen better.

He says we are losing our listening. We only take in 25% of what we hear. It is a mental process of extraction from pattern recognition to help us distinguish noise and pull out what is important from the differences of what we hear. Most people are unconscious of the filters we have. Intention is very important in sound. Sound places us in space and time. You are aware of where you are with what sounds surround you.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Julian thinks we are losing our listening due to the world being noisy and that people write things instead. Headphones also impede our listening. We are becoming impatient. The art of conversation is being lost and people are not paying attention. The media pulls out ways to distract us from what we need to…

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