25 Redneck Valentine Greeting Card Sayings

Bonnywood Manor

“I love you more than beer.”

“You complete my bobble-head collection.”

“You tractor-pulled my heart.”

“Your eyes sparkle like moonshine.”

“You are the prettiest girl in the Wal-Marts parking lot.”

“I love you like a sister. Oh wait…”

“Love means never havin’ to say which one of them kids is really mine.”

“The day we got married was the best day I ever had with a shotgun in my back.”

“You had me at hello, I’m here to slop the hogs.”

“You sure look nice sittin’ next to my gun rack.”

“I can’t really read this but the pictures are shiny.”

“I would love you even if I couldn’t use your teeth to open my beer bottles.”

“Momma says we oughta get married cuz then you won’t have to change the last name on your gun permit.”

“If they had your picture on the menu at the Dairy Queen…

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