10 Ways the Universe Could Destroy Us | Leverage Ambition

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Sometimes I feel so small knowing that the universe is so massive. We have little control over what the universe does and what is in it. It is 93 billion years in light diameter and that is just the observable universe.

Here are 10 ways the universe could destroy us:

  1. Rogue planets may break away from their original orbit and are left to roam through space. This could be extremely dangerous. Colliding with one of them could crack our planet and most likely impossible to prevent.
  2. Galactic Cannibalism could destroy us by galaxies swallowing up other galaxies. This could destroy earth or the Milky Way. If the gravity balance is changed, Andromeda can swallow it up. This could throw the Earth out of the Suns orbit killing us.
  3. Black holes are arguably the most powerful thing in the universe and is about 27 million light years away. NASA found one…

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