10 Food To Avoid to Support Weight Loss | Leverage Ambition

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Weight loss can be tough, and it can be unnerving to diet and not lose way. It is hard to know where to start and exercise is only a small amount of the equation.

Here are 10 foods to avoid to support weight loss.

  1. French Fries + Potato Chips. They are high in calories and convert very quickly than other foods out there.
  2. Sugary Drinks. These are probably the worst things for us. One can of non-diet sodas can contribute to over 50% of our weight loss. Water is best.
  3. White Bread. This is quickly converted into sugar, and because there is no fiber it will be hard for your body to digest so stick to whole grain bread.
  4. Candy. Stay far away as each store makes it easy for us to grab a piece on the way out.
  5. Fruit juice. It is better to stick to regular fruits than…

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