Love internship story of jazzelle part 10 (unexpected dinner date😍😘)

The flower

“Mr. Department head. I said I’ll work hard but it doesn’t mean you can just say OVERTIME and go. I’m already doing double work. Don’t you feel pity towards me?”

I am not cursing him in my mind now. This is just it was my first day working as his assistant, shouldn’t he go easy on me?

he went to his office. I followed him in speed.

It feels like I am a student who is getting punished for not concentrating in class. And teacher said double homework.

But why is he so angry. Maybe there are a lot of work today. And he has the reason for getting mad.

I am in his office. He is looking for something.

“ Are you looking for something? May I help you? What are you looking for?”

I asked three questions in a row.

“ I am looking for your work what…

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