Let Him Go (2020) Review


Since the time of its creation, the western film genre has always been a fan favorite amongst many. Exploding on the scene during the golden age of Hollywood, where studios were churning out various productions made for the big and small screen, this particular genre has garnished many variants of stories of the “old west” satire backdrop, which is complete with the new frontier of the 1800s, saloons, gunfights, stagecoach chases, and many more motifs and nuances that seem to be recalled of the bygone’s days of this genre’s stories. In today’s cinematic landscape, westerns have changed and adapted to modern times; becoming what is now called “neo-westerns”. In this particular category, movies reflect upon the traditions of the western genre, but are set in the modern / contemporary setting. Movies like Unforgiven, The Three Burials of Melquiades, No Country for Old Men

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