Persistent Pastimes!

The New World Order

Hey readers! Welcome back to The New World order. How are you? Its Avani with a new blog post on top five new hobbies I saw during the lockdown. These hobbies were picked up by people I know and were unknowingly developed to a great extent due to this pandemic. the most famous five are listed below.

  1. Gardening. During the lockdown, the gardeners weren’t coming and the beauty of the garden wasn’t very high one peoples priority lists, so people started taking care of their own gardens and plants. the people who don’t have gardens have made their balconies very green and fresh. People have grown close to their plants and they are considered therapeutic. Watching a plant grow is good for morale. it makes you believe in life.

18 Creative Small Garden Ideas - Indoor and Outdoor Garden Designs for  Small Spaces

  1. Cooking and baking. The lack of part time help and cooks, forced people to cook for themselves. This essentially helped people…

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