A Holy Gathering

My Short Stories

In his silk kurta, and smooth long hair, the wise man looked a picture of elegance, perched atop a raised platform. Open before him was the holiest of the holy books. Eyes gliding fast through the pages, lips moving inaudibly, he was reading the message of God for the benefit of all the rich, unenlightened beings sitting in front of him on the floor.

The people gathered for this three-day long holy event had duly marked their presence to the almighty with drops of currency notes, and now sat folding their hands, and closing their eyes, in anticipation of divine rewards. A huge speaker behind them blared pious chantsup into the morning sky making sure the God heard.

Amid all this, no one, except the man reading, noticed when a small curly-haired boy walked stealthily in. Excitement rippling across his face, his eyes were searching all around the…

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