Will You Be My Forever-Valentine?


You’re all I want,
Forgetting you is something I can’t,
Your attention is a magical chant,
Seeds of love, you surely plant.

Will you be my rose?
You are the one my heart chose,
I don’t know when you came so close,
That my feelings only grows.

My love for you is beyond control,
Our souls together will make me whole,
I feel I will fit in your lover’s role,
Together we can give best couple goal.

I love you with all my heart,
It’s something from very start,
I can’t live with you being apart,
My love is more than a blissful art.

You are my sun, I’ll be your moon,
We will be together soon,
Dancing in love with a romantic tune,
Even in the sunny afternoon.

Our journey started as friends,
All my time with you I spend,
I hope my feelings you attend,
I’ll love you…

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