Valentine who? ❤️


When nothing really happens and the only things that lightens up the day are the shopping trips to Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Waitrose. Oh, I could write a whole blog about the pros and cons, the product mix, and the efficiency of the employees of this three British supermarkets but I’m not sure, if someone would be really interested about it. Maybe next time if the general boredom keeps going on. Another daily highlight is the development level of the snowdrops, choirboys, crocus and daffodils. I never lived in a country with so many wild flowers before, or maybe just never so rural and with so much time to look at the small things. Oh and not to forget the wildlife, the birds, the deer’s and squirrel’s which are quite lazy at the moment and barely move when you pass by. Even our dog doesn’t really impress them anymore. Last time…

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