Ten Alternative Valentines Ideas

Baby Gay Days

I don’t know about you but personally I’m bored of reading about cute date ideas for valentines (low-key just bitter because lockdown means I can’t see my girlfriend). But anyway, I’ve taken the executive decision to give you all some alternative (slightly anti-valentines) ideas.

1. Burn Your Exes Things

I know I know “valentines is a day to celebrate love” but technically you’re still doing that. You’re celebrating the love you have for yourself by ridding yourself of everything you’ve clung to from your past relationship. I personally would prefer to set some (one) of my exes on fire but apparently that’s frowned upon so burning their things is probably best. I haven’t ever done this, I prefer to go with the classic just rip everything up and bin it tactic and seen as I’ve remained friends with my most recent ex then I actually have nothing to burn this…

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