10 Reasons Why Idiots Should Never Drive in the Snow

Bonnywood Manor

Fair Warning: I’m a little bit cranky in this ancient bit of venting, as evidenced by the title. Brace yourselves accordingly…

1. Idiots don’t know what snow is.

Stunning as it may seem, there are folks out there who are completely mystified by the white stuff falling from the sky. They have no idea what it might be, even though they and their daddy-uncles have lived in this area all their lives and it snows at some point every year. And they certainly don’t realize that the weird rain can actually stick to things and accumulate. Therefore, they don’t adjust their driving patterns in any way.

Initially, this stupidity makes these dimwits some of the most dangerous creatures on the road during snow or ice storms. They just keep driving like they’ve always driven, hurtling through red lights, paying no attention to lane dividers or other cars, and racing along…

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