PSA: You Can Love Other People Even When You Don’t Love Yourself

طين Times

By: Rawan

For a very long time, I genuinely believed the bullshit spiritual ultimatums we saw as pretty quotes on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. You know how it goes and I am begging you to read this in a pretentious sarcastic voice, or at least that’s how it sounds like in my head:

“You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself”

Or I will do you one better,

“You can’t forgive a person if you have not yet forgiven yourself.”

*inserts eye roll*

Well, I am starting to realise these are absolute lies that we feed ourselves, or choose to believe because of all the aesthetic posts on Instagram and Tumblr which seemed way too pretty to be half-truths. To put the pressure on yourself to be fully accepting and loving of who you are in order to be able to love other people is beyond an unattainable goal…

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