Big Dick Energy

Are you familiar with Big Dick Energy (BDE)?You probably are, even if you don’t know it yet.BDE is defined as confidence without cockiness.Despite the apparent phallus descriptor, BDE is not actually about the size of a penis, and the phrase by and large seems to be used with gender neutrality.I personally think it falls in the category of things you know when you see.I’m not cool enough to know the intricacies of BDE, so I have relied on people way cooler than myself to enumerate some examples for clarity.One example that stands out is a wealthy person who drives a safe yet affordable ecological car.That is some BDE!Another example could be as simple as someone taking time out of their day to help others.Helping someone study for an exam or volunteering at a polling station, both great examples of BDE.

Now opposing BDE is SDE (Small) or if a person…

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