How Racial Stereotypes affected My Self-esteem

Crispy Confessions

My entire life I have always been defined by racial stereotypes. As someone who is of not just one race, but two, I was hit doubly hard by racial stereotypes for being of Asian ancestry, as well as being half white, half Asian, or the archetype of the mixture of the Western and Eastern worlds. Some of these racial stereotypes were good, in the sense that they helped to build up my self-esteem, or make me feel good about myself. But, most of them, were bad, in the sense that they made me feel ashamed of my mixed heritage. As a result, these positive and negative racial stereotypes served to show how terribly difficult it can to be half Asian as well as the terrible responsibility that I had to fulfill, or at least try to fulfill, these racial stereotypes. In this post, I will talk about…

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