TYMNHS: Unikitty! (animated series)

Aisha's Writing Corner

If you in the mood for watching something fun, you might like today’s blog post. For this edition of Things You Might Not Have Seen, I will talk about the animated series, Unikitty.

The greatest threat to the kingdom of Unikitty is a citizen becoming sad… or worse, bored 👀

Meet the main casts of silly characters:

Unikitty: a perky, happy unicorn, kitty princess. Her greatest power… being happy. She will stop at nothing to make you happy too, including (frequently) destroying her kingdom.

Puppycorn: Unikitty’s little brother. A silly puppy that want to eat hotdogs, take naps, and rap.

Dr. Fox: Scientist, genius fox that loves science. Her experiments are dangerous, often adding new adventures for Unikitty and friends.

Hawkadile: Personal bodyguard. Love interest to Dr. Fox. Brave warrior with both brawn and heart.

Richard: Royal Adviser. The voice of reason, or in Unikitty kingdom, the voice…

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