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Working With Gaia’s Magic Part 3 

Discover the many ways in which you can celebrate Gaia, and harness the gifts and energies of the Earth Mother.

Cleansing the Planet

According to the Ancient Greeks, there were laws of Gaia that were closely tied to the moral behaviour of humans. When people were just, the land flourished and there was no war. When people had bad thoughts are were unkind, unfair and lacked awareness, then their minds were polluted and the land degenerated. There would be famine and war.

Learn how Gaia will reward the earth if taken care of > https://empress2inspire.blog/2021/01/26/daily-dose-of-nature-235/

Cleaning Up

Honour Gaia by respecting your own body, by being kind of others and by making a small effort by cleanse the land. With a cheerful smile, sweep the pavement outside your house, and the next time you walk to the shops, pick up any rubbish lying on…

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