Homemade Lilac Salve

Ideas and Advice for How To Live a Joyful and Empowered Life.

Last March, I was laid off from my job for 2.5 months due to the pandemic.

During this time I began to get back in touch with my passion for gardening and using herbs and flowers.

At first, the reason I was drawn back into gardening was not knowing if our food supply would continue to be available.

I wasn’t afraid or anything, but the thought that something could happen so quick to wipe out the systems we have in place for survival was a bit of an awakening that I’d like to be living a more self sufficient life.

This, along with the health benefits of growing your own organic produce, herbs and flowers sent me onto an unexpected new path.

There’s also the fact that the industrial age has made earth pretty ill with polution, dead soils, unhealthy water and more. When much of the world was shut…

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