Your Brain on Exercise Part 2

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Your brain becomes much more active during exercise, “perhaps more active than at any other time,” says Maddock. One way neurons communicate is with electrical pulses, and sometimes entire networks of neurons fire in unison, like a group of soccer fans chanting together at a game. These synchronized pulses are known colloquially as brain waves. Different kinds of brain waves, characterized by the number of times they oscillate in a single second, are linked to one’s mental state and mood. 

Here’s what science has to say about exercise :

  • Physically active women 65+ years old, were less likely to develop cognitive decline.
  • 30 minutes of running for undergrads resulted in faster reaction times and vocabulary learning.
  • Aerobic training increases connectivity in the temporal lobe. By the end of a one-year study, walkers improved their brain connectivity up to the level of college-age young adults.
  • A 25 year study found that…

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