Tagaytay Travel Blog: Quarantine Edition

J. P. D. T.

I went to Tagaytay

Before I share with you the beautiful places I’ve been to, I just wanna share 2 things that I’ve noticed with this journey. First, It feels good to finally be able to travel after a very long time, it’s like when you stretch your legs after sitting the whole day, that’s what it is like. But the catch is that even though the feeling is very nostalgic, the crowd and the situation will make you feel like there’s really nothing to remember at all. The world is so brand new, that it lacks something to remind you of how it used to be, everything around is a reminder that you’re not in the same world you used to live before this pandemic happened. Second, although it’s fun, the experience kinda feels dry or different. It is because there are rules that you have…

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