The basics of an art block

Revival Art Com

Every effort to keep art alive in our lives is worth mentioning. I see keeping a micro art journal as the equivalent of writing a poem in the notes app. I think those poems aren’t appreciated enough. But neither are the pages of an art journal meant for subway rides and laundromats. Personally, mine comes out of the closet whenever larger paintings just don’t work.

So what do I think of these pages and how do they help me?

I’ve been guilty of not revisiting these tiny paintings after I’m over my art block. It may be because I have various ways of getting over an art block; sketching with pencils and charcoals, doing digital illustrations, attending virtual art galleries, watching documentaries of well-known artist, just to name a few. Yet that doesn’t leave out the instances I need to express some color in a jiffy. And that color needs…

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