4 Ways To Stop Overthinking.

New Lune

I don’t even feel embarrassed to admit that I overthink, overanalyse and over-worry about everything. I definitely think it’s partially due to my anxiety and I thought with time, maybe this habit would disappear but sadly, it doesn’t. Over the past year, I’ve learnt to manage and control my emotions which definitely helped me stop overthinking about every single thing because it was becoming unhealthy and it was draining my energy as well.

If you are an over-thinker like me then you completely understand what I’m saying. In today’s post, I wanted to share with you 4 ways to stop overthinking. It’s obviously not something you can stop overnight but you can learn to forget about it which kind of gives the illusion of “stopping” it.

Je ne me sens même pas gêné d’admettre que je réfléchis, suranalyse et me préoccupe trop de tout. Je pense vraiment que c’est en…

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